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a woman who went on a trip to
Jeju and collapsed due to sudden cardiac arrest regained consciousness with the first aid of the hotel's confectionery manager. CPR, which he learned in the military, saved his life, and the chief said he did the right thing.

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A woman sits down on a chair and collapses.

Alarmed people gather and urgently report it.

Then a man in a white uniform comes running up to him and starts CPR with all his might.

After a few moments, the patient's legs move and little by little he regains consciousness.

The person who saved the cardiac arrest patient with quick first aid measures was Kang Seo-won, the confectionery manager who works at the hotel.

When I saw that the patient was not breathing and his face was turning cold, I didn't hesitate to try CPR, which I had learned in the army.

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[Kang Seo-won / OO Hotel Confectionery Manager: I think it's obvious, because this is an emergency, no matter who sees it, it shouldn't happen next time. Of course, I think I'll do the same thing.]

Thanks to observing the golden time, Mr. Park Myung-ok, who was discharged from the hospital after 8 days and regained his health and returned to his daily life, sent a letter expressing his gratitude.

Park said she would live her life by giving with the idea that she had a new life.

[Park Myung-ok/Busan: People around me are shouting that they have just 'lived' and crying next to our daughter. I wonder what would have happened if it hadn't been for him. We should always live with a grateful heart and always live to repay.]

Over the past three years, 3 heroes have saved lives in Jeju by saving the golden time with CPR.

(Video interview: Kang Hyo-seop JIBS, screen credit: Eco Land Hotel)

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