Pregnant with 1500 grams of drugs

US police have arrested two people on drug trafficking charges in South Carolina after police accidentally discovered a camouflaged cocaine load in the shape of a pregnant woman's belly.

The Anderson County Sheriff's Office said Sunday that the Special Investigations Division was conducting a "proactive patrol" along the highway when both Anthony Miller and Simica Mitchem were arrested, the latter appeared to be pregnant in an advanced month.

The sheriff's office revealed that the detainees became suspects when both the Miller man and the woman Mitchem provided conflicting information about the expected due date.

When Mitchem realized the police were becoming more skeptical of her story, she tried to pull out and ran and the hidden drugs fell into her rubber stomach.

The warden said on Facebook that more than 1500,<> grams of cocaine had been collected during the arrest.

The two will face cocaine trafficking charges and, if convicted, could face up to 30 years in prison and a $200,<> fine, according to South Carolina law.