A leading organization for the support of queer people in China has announced the end of its activities. The Beijing LGBT Center said it suspended its work on Monday due to "unforeseen circumstances." The group, which was founded in 2008, did not give any reasons. She provided mental health therapies, medical assistance, and social support to the gay, lesbian, and transgender community.

The center was also known for its research work and the development of expert networks. The aim was to raise awareness of the challenges faced by homosexual people.

Since 1997, homosexuality is no longer punishable in China. However, same-sex marriage is still prohibited and LGBTQ issues remain taboo. In recent years, the authorities have again intensified their repressive action against the Community. The English abbreviation LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer.

Homosexual love relationships are also not allowed to be shown in films. Last year, a dating app for gays was also removed from the app stores.