Zhanna Agalakova, former Paris correspondent for Russia's Channel1, resigned to challenge Russia's invasion of Ukraine and denounce Russian media propaganda and censorship. Maryse Burgot, a senior reporter at France Télévisions, works particularly in Ukraine. It recalls the democratic need for a free press and highlights the courage of journalists on the ground, such as Arman Soldin, killed on 9 May while covering the war near Bakhmut in Ukraine. He is the third French journalist killed since the beginning of the Russian invasion in February 2022.

On 3 May, Reporters Without Borders published its annual World Press Freedom Index. Freedom of information is a precious commodity, it is indeed one of the fundamental principles of any democracy. However, more and more voices are being raised to denounce its decline in the world. A setback marked by numerous assassinations, a war of disinformation linked to the health crisis, the war in Ukraine and the rise of political extremes. And the France is not spared: in 2023, it is ranked 24th out of 180 in the Reporters Without Borders ranking. Intimidation, police violence, hostile climate and difficulties on the ground: it is increasingly difficult for journalists to carry out their work. For "Journalist: the status of freedom?" journalist Adélaïde Genuyt went to meet those who commit themselves every day to preserve this freedom.

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