• Ruben Östlund is well on his way to being an open, firm and warm president of the jury.
  • He is aware of the importance of the Palme d'Or, which he has received twice.
  • He asks the jurors to remain very discreet about the content of the debates.

Ruben Östlund will not be a soft president for this 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. "I want all the members of the jury to express themselves and I will not tolerate that someone remains to say nothing in his corner," he said Tuesday afternoon at a press conference. The eight artists who surround him on the jury know what to expect. Maryam Touzani, Denis Ménochet, Rungano Nyoni, Brie Larson, Paul Dano, Atiq Rahimi, Damián Szifron and Julia Ducournau will be invited to express their opinion freely, according to their hearts, for a final vote that promises to be a priori democratic.

No consensus record

"I'm not asking jurors to compete in intellectual statements, I even invite them to talk nonsense if they feel like it. The only thing I absolutely don't want is a consensus record," he says. The director, twice palmed for the provocateurs The Square and Sans filtre, intends to make a strong voice heard even if he has to shake up the rules of the festival. "We may arrive at new combinations for the awards, everything will depend on the films I want our debates to be warm and noisy," he said.

Julia Ducournau, winner of the Palme for Titanium in 2021, will not be the type to be told. "Giving the Palme is a responsibility," she says. Not only from an honorary point of view but also because it offers a colossal springboard to a filmmaker who will be able to continue his work in better conditions. This award has weight and meaning." Ruben Östlund will not say otherwise. "These awards create a unique relationship between a director and the audience and a director and the media," he acknowledges. Personally, I would rather receive a third Palme d'Or than an Oscar. »

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One thing seems established. The president will be intractable about leaks and other corridor noises. "We will be the first jury to remain discreet," he insists. There is no question that publicists can know the list in advance. We will keep our mouths shut. The jury decided not to reveal anything more. Not even an impression when a journalist risked a question about the presence of Johnny Depp in Cannes, for Jeanne du Barry de Maïwenn, screened at the opening, but out of competition. "No comment" could be read on their closed lips. These nine seem to have character. We will have to wait until May 27 to know what will have seduced them.

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