Actress Yoo Ah-in, who came out to be investigated > anchor for
allegedly taking drugs,
but went back because there was a large crowd of reporters, came out to the police again yesterday (16th).< He was present a day after police hinted at a possible arrest and has been under investigation for more than twenty hours so far. Police plan to decide whether to apply for an arrest warrant for Yu as soon as they conclude their investigation.

I'm a journalist.

Actress Yoo Ah-in, who is suspected of administering five types of narcotics including
propofol and cannabis,

has gone to the police for a second investigation.

[Yoo Ah-in/Actor: (This is the second investigation, how do you feel?) I will do my best to investigate. (Are you still denying some of the allegations of drug use?)

The investigation was scheduled for the 5th, but due to the large number of reporters, they protested that it had actually been summoned to the public, so they walked in front of the police headquarters.

Police have even hinted at the possibility of arrest as further investigations continue to be delayed.

Yu's hair tests conducted by the bureau revealed the presence of narcotics such as hemp, propofol, cocaine, and ketamine.

Despite Mr. Yu's repeated denials, the police, who have been focusing on proving the allegations of using cocaine, which is considered one of the three major drugs, are said to have focused their investigation on determining when and how to administer it.

Previously, four acquaintances were also arrested as accomplices on suspicion of aiding or co-dosing Mr. Yu's drugs, and the police also called Mr. A, a writer who graduated from an art university, as a suspect and investigated.

Unlike other drug cases, the investigation has been unusually long for more than three months, and the police will reportedly decide at an early date whether to apply for an arrest warrant.

(Video interview: Kang Dong-chul)