A 30-year-old who was outraged by her husband's infidelity and threatened her with videos and photos of sexual intercourse has been sentenced on appeal.

The Criminal Division 1 of the Daejeon High Court (Presiding Judge Song Seok-bong) announced yesterday (1th) that it has decided to suspend the sentence in the appeal of Mr. A (1, female), who was sentenced to one year in prison and two years of probation in the first trial after being charged with violating the Special Law on Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (threatening to use images, etc.).

A "suspended sentence" is a sentence that allows the defendant to have time to refrain from serving his or her sentence after two years from the date of probation, even though he or she has pleaded guilty.

In mid-October 2, Mr. A entered her husband's email account at her home in Seosan City, South Chungcheong Province, without permission, and sent videos and photos of sexual intercourse with her lover stored in it to her tablet.

Later, she was brought to trial on charges of showing it in public, providing it to others, and threatening her husband to "disseminate videos and photos."

When Ms. A found out about her husband's affair, it was investigated that she accidentally committed the crime out of a sense of betrayal.

Accordingly, the court of first instance sentenced Mr. A to a suspended prison sentence in consideration of the circumstances leading up to the crime, but the court of second instance decided to sentence Mr. A in consideration of his upbringing environment and working conditions.

The Court of Appeal stated that "the defendant's crime cannot be justified," but that "the sentence imposed by the trial court is heavy and unjust, considering the fact that the victim does not want to be punished, that the victims are divorced and have to raise their young children alone due to their infidelity, and that she may be dismissed from her job if she is sentenced to more than a year in prison as a social worker."

(Photo = Yonhap News)