A disabled man in his 50s who lived alone in a public rental house in Gyeonggi Yongin City was found dead two months after his death.

A suicide note was left at the scene, along with 260.15 million won in cash, asking that it be used for funeral expenses.

According to the Yongin East Police Station in Gyeonggi City yesterday (7th), Mr. A (5) was found dead in a villa-type studio in Giheung-gu, Yongin City at around 40:58 pm on the 3th.

At that time, the police received a report that "there was a house that had not been popular for several months and was full of mail," and when they went out East Sea, they found Mr. A dead in the house.

Burned lightning bolts, bundles of cash, and a suicide note were found at the scene, and a suicide note dated March 9 read, "Please scatter your ashes on the mountain after cremation" and "Please use the money I have saved for funeral expenses."

Based on the mail left behind, the contents of the suicide note, and the autopsy results, the police concluded the case with a simple plea, requested the city of Yongin to process the unrelated death, and delivered the cash left by Mr. A in accordance with the relevant laws.

It is reported that Yongin City, which took over Mr. A's body, held a public funeral on the 12th without any connection and completed all procedures.

According to Yongin City, the deceased Mr. A was a basic living security recipient with a third-degree retardation disability and had been living in public rental housing with a monthly payment of about 3,60 won.

An official from Yongin City said, "Mr. A, a basic living security recipient, is subject to case management, and the welfare center under his jurisdiction has been calling and visiting him regularly," adding, "He visited on the 25th of last month, but returned because no one was at home, and at that time, it was impossible to find out that Mr. A had died."

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(Photo=Yonhap News)