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President Yoon Suk-yeol is expected to veto the nursing law bill passed by the National Assembly led by the
Democratic Party of Korea today (16th) in the form of accepting the recommendation of the government and the ruling party. Nursing associations are pushing back, saying they will take collective action.

I'm Nam Joo-hyun.


The government is recommending President Yoon Suk-yeol to veto the nursing law at a cabinet meeting this morning.

For this reason, we heard that the Nursing Act has a negative impact on public health by undermining trust and collaboration among medical professionals.

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[Cho Kyu-hong, Minister of Health and Welfare: The nursing bill may break the trust and collaboration between professionals in the medical field, which will seriously affect the most important public health.]

In this case, it will have serious implications for the health of the population, which is of paramount importance.

He also pointed out that separating nursing from healthcare could make it difficult for hospitals to provide adequate nursing services.

Previously, the Medical Solidarity had opposed the promulgation of the Nursing Law, saying that there would be a shortage of nurses in medical institutions and that it would likely infringe on other professions such as nursing assistants and paramedics.

In anticipation that President Yoon will accept the veto proposal, the Korean Nursing Association has announced collective action.

According to the results of the association's survey, 98.6 percent of respondents said that "active collective action is needed" and that the level of collective action is being discussed.

The nursing bill was sent to the government after a plenary session of the National Assembly on April 4, and if the president vetoes it, it will go back to the National Assembly.

However, the Ministry of Health and Welfare drew a line, saying that there was no discussion at the party level about the amendment to the Medical Law, the so-called Doctor's License Revocation Act, which will be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers.

(Video Interview: Kang Dong-chul, Video Editing: Choi Hye-young)