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a group of people who assembled and supplied illegal repeaters for
voice phishing to the whole country have been arrested. Police confiscated 750 vehicles, including repeaters and mobile phones used in the crime, and requested an Interpol red flag to identify the gunman who ordered it.

This is a report by reporter Son Ki-joon.

The parts used to assemble the
repeater are spilling out in heaps all over the house.

On the PC monitor screen, there is a program that checks where the illegal repeater is installed.

A group of people who supplied and managed hundreds of repeaters in Korea that changed overseas caller numbers to domestic numbers starting with "010" have been arrested.

Police said they arrested and detained 37 people, including 14-year-old Mr. A, on suspicion of violating the Telecommunications Business Act.

Since January, Mr. A has built a total of 1 repeaters using parts shipped from China.

Afterwards, together with the group that was detained together, the repeaters were distributed and installed in 375 locations nationwide, including 13 in the metropolitan area.

When Mr. A's gang installed the repeater, Mr. B, the overseas general manager who supplied the parts to them, made a profit by lending the equipment to the group that committed the crime of voice phishing.

It was investigated that they installed the assembled repeaters in deserted places, such as vehicles, on the rooftops of shopping malls, and near repeaters of telecommunications companies to avoid being tracked by the police.

The amount of damage caused by voice phishing through the installed repeaters has been confirmed to be worth 44.46 billion won, and the number of victims has reached 182.

After a manhunt, the police arrested Mr. A in Paju City, Gyeonggi in mid-March, and arrested the other 3 people one after another.

They also confiscated 13 mobile phones and repeater parts used in the crime.

In addition, we have identified Mr. B, who is in China, and requested an Interpol red list.

(Video editing: Hwang Ji-young, screen credit: Gyeonggi South Police Agency)