There was a commotion in an apartment complex in downtown Seoul that was haunted by poisonous snakes.

Yesterday (15th), a venomous snake about 1 meter long appeared in an apartment complex in Mapo, Seoul.

It's a snake called a bloodsucker.

After school, one of the children playing in the complex, who was interested in snakes, noticed that the snake resembled a venomous bloodsucker and called 119.

Fortunately, there were no casualties.

Active from April to October, the bloodsucker is a common snake in the country.

It has venom glands and can cause headaches, fainting, and kidney failure.

The expert said, "Finding common snakes in urban centers is an issue that has become more frequent in the last two or three years."

"As the number of people visiting Hangang Park increased, food waste also increased, and rodents such as rats naturally increased," he explained, "and snakes that prey on them must have also multiplied."

Mapo-gu is not far from the Han River.

The possibility that the snake was introduced through a rain pipe cannot be ruled out, the article added.

(Article source: Kyunghwa Newspaper, Screen source: Kyunghwa Newspaper)