Poverty takes them to it. Arrest of a woman who treats men like dogs and drags them on the ground with ropes

A trial of a woman and her son-in-law before a court in the Jordanian capital Amman has revealed dramatic details of the defendant's participation in a program called "Human Dogs" in which a woman drags a man with a rope intended for dogs and feeds him with her food.
The case, which is being tried by the defendants, the woman and her son-in-law, is based on a complaint from the owner of the apartment building against them for refusing to leave one of the apartments by resorting to the method of "bullying" to intimidate him along with his family.

This came during a public session held by the panel of Judge Attia Al-Saud, which is competent to consider cases of royalties and vacancies, to consider the case.

In the details of the case, according to Jordanian media, the woman lived inside a residential apartment she rented and refused to leave it, which belongs to the complainant because she did not pay the agreed rent for 3 months.
While watching the surveillance cameras, the complainant saw a person being dragged by the woman using a dog rope from the apartment door to the elevator.

It appeared in the video that the man walked dragged like a dog, and remained so until he reached the reception department in the building, then I connected him to the door of the building and untied the rope from his neck and left, and as a result the complainant submitted the video to the security authorities and the prosecution took place.
During the court hearing, the defendant stated that she participated in a program called "Human Dogs", in which a person ties the rope around his neck on his own, while she pulls and feeds him from food intended for dogs.

According to the affidavit, it was the other defendant, her son-in-law, who brought the person for 30 dinars (about $44), demanding that the woman humiliate and torture the person, but she refused.

The defendant and her son-in-law denied the charge of threatening violence or using force with the intention of intimidating or intimidating and harming the victim, and the defendant said that her insult to the man was with his consent and that they came voluntarily because of the need and "mutation".

The court will continue to hold its session until next week to complete the rest of the evidence in the case.