The police have repeatedly stated that they will re-summon actor Yoo Ah-in (37, real name Eom Hong-sik), who is suspected of drug use, for investigation as soon as possible.

However, since Mr. Yu has not complied with the request to appear, saying that it is a "de facto public summons," it is possible that the police will apply for an arrest warrant to investigate the suspect.

An official from the National Police Agency's National Investigation Division said at a press conference today (15th), "We will definitely investigate the summons as soon as possible."

Mr. Yu was scheduled to be questioned as a second suspect on the 11th, but he refused to investigate and turned back because there were many reporters in front of the Seoul Police Agency's Mapo Office Building, where the investigation room is located.

The Seoul National Police Agency's Narcotics and Crime Investigation Division notified Mr. Yoo of his scheduled appearance again on Dec. 13, but Mr. Yoo's side is still insisting on guaranteeing an undisclosed summons.

Police say they have no choice but to use coercion if Mr. Yu continues to refuse to be summoned.

Regarding the plan to investigate Mr. Yu, an official from the National Security Agency said, "We are very sensitive to the date and timing of the summons, so we cannot disclose it," adding, "If the date of his appearance is not coordinated, of course he will have to (be arrested)."

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Police are also analyzing the names of people who received coins in connection with the alleged political lobbying of the FourEver coin issuer, which led to the kidnapping and murder of a woman in her 40s in Gangnam.

An official from Kuksubon said, "We have obtained a list of coins that appear to have been paid during the seizure search on the 10th," and said, "We are analyzing whether the coins were actually paid and whether there was a quid pro quo."

Police suspect that the CEO of the issuer, Uninetwork Lee Mo (59), listed Fourever on the cryptocurrency exchange Coinone in November 2020 and handed over the pre-issue volume to government officials and others with a request for convenience in publicity.

In addition, regarding the suspicion of receiving money and valuables from Rep. Lim Jong-sung (11) of the Democratic Party, he said that he was reviewing the materials obtained through the search and seizure in January.

The official said, "(Rep. Lim) used his corporate card several times. It takes time to determine if it was written by one person or by several people."

As soon as the police finish analyzing the seized materials, they will summon him for questioning.

Since November 58, Lim is accused of receiving tens of millions of won worth of money from an executive of a construction company in his constituency, Gwangju, including using a corporate card.

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