Singer and actor Lee Jin-hyuk has made headlines for sharing his honest thoughts on MBTI.

Recently, Lee Jin Hyuk released the content of the web variety show 'Confrontation' on his YouTube channel, which is about receiving subscribers' worries and making decisions for them.

In a video released on the 11th, Lee Jin-hyuk introduced a story titled "A friend who rationalizes with MBTI."

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When I expressed my frustration to my friend who answered every situation according to the MBTI standard, Lee Jin Hyuk said that he was frustrated by the only answer that was "yes because he has a T tendency," and Lee Jin Hyuk said, "But this is a bit of a problem with MBTI."

"It's not that this is bad, it's that it's a problem that I have framed 16 personality types," Lee said, sharing his thoughts on MBTI.

"MBTI is not used to degrade or evaluate others, but nowadays everyone is judged by that," he said.

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To this, the producer asked, "Are you speaking out?" I said, "Yes!" I replied without thinking and laughed.

Lee Jin-hyuk said, "Using MBTI as a shield should disappear," adding, "This is not MBTI's problem, it's his friend's problem."

Viewers reacted to his frank remarks by saying, "That's a wise answer," "Everything inside is cool," and "I had a hard time because of MBTI over-immersion, but I completely agree."

On the other hand, Lee Jin Hyuk debuted with the group Uptension in 2015 and continues to be active not only as a singer but also in various fields such as dramas and variety shows.

(Photo = YouTube 'PLA2JINHYUK [Lee Jin Hyuk ]') (SBS SV Star) (SBS Entertainment News Editor Jeon Min-jae)