He won for a few thousand euros, participating in an auction, a painting that, now, could be worth millions. The canvas, in fact, would be attributed to Claude Monet, master of impressionism French whose works have stellar prices.

The protagonist of the successful story, reported by the Piacenza newspaper 'Libertà', is a lawyer from the Emilian city, Carlo Romagnoli, collector and art lover - who two weeks ago, in Milan, bought a portrait of a child measuring 104 by 74.5 centimeters attributed to the famous transalpine artist and who, according to Vladimir Cicognani, critic and art expert, expert of the court and the chamber of commerce of Bologna, That would be authentic.

"Yes, to say that he is a Monet - he explained to the Piacenza newspaper - in my opinion is correct. It was probably made around 1910, it is a painting worth several million euros". On the catalogues, he observes, of the work "there is no trace and among other things it is not a landscape, or a subject in which Monet used to engage, but this painting bears the signature of the master at the bottom left. However, I am interested in signatures and are not interested: I have studied the entire work of this painter and I recognize this painting as his own".

"I think the picture has not been understood - says the lawyer Romagnoli in the interview -. I studied it for days and nights, in my opinion the figurative plastic system and the fluidity of the colors are attributable to the master. Monet made landscapes, it is true, but he also made the child with the cup that was then his son Jean and among his works there is also the portrait of a child, or the portrait of his daughter. I therefore believe that this painting may represent a relative of the master".

In the video the inetrvista of Tgr Emilia Romagna to the lawyer from Piacenza.