Artificial intelligence platform to compete with «Chat GPT»

Google launches Bard in 180 countries

Bard can answer complex questions and formulate complete sentences. Archival

The American technology company «Google» decided to launch its artificial intelligence chat platform «Bard», competing with the chat platform «Chat GPT», of the software empire «Microsoft» in 180 countries around the world, while it will not currently be launched in the European Union countries.

Google said it had delayed the launch of the English, Japanese and Korean platform in EU countries until it made sure it complied with the bloc's legal frameworks.

Google has made many improvements to Bard's design and results, especially clarifying information sources with the addition of a dark mode and the option to send the code it generates, it announced at a developers conference. The Bard programming language supports 40 other languages that will be launched in succession.

The new version of the platform can answer complex questions, formulate complete sentences in response to questions, and provide fair Internet links and information sources.

For example, when Bard is asked about bicycles, the answer includes, in addition to noting the need to make sure its suspension is efficient, it also includes the appropriate offers available from bike shops.

In answering the question, the platform also provided basic information and links to more information, as well as follow-up questions about things from the time required to reach the city's bicycle parking areas.

Google has also developed a new language model, Palm 2, that allows the use of artificial intelligence in writing novels to compete with the GPT4 platform developed by OpenAI, owned by Microsoft's OpenAI. The Palm 3 language model can use more than 100 languages, with writing, programming and analysis capabilities. At the same time, Google's chatbot Bard will work based on the Palm 2 language model.

ChatGPT generated great interest when it first launched last year, and sparked a strong debate about the changes that the use of artificial intelligence could cause in many areas of work. Bard, like GPT, operates on the basis of a large language search model, or LLM. OpenAI is currently developing the fourth version of GPT. In contrast, Google uses a shortened and improved version of the LAMA language model, which is updated over time with newer, more powerful models.

Google has developed a new language model that leverages artificial intelligence to write a novel.