Getting rid of toxic relationships

Dr. Alaa Jarad

16 May 2023

Continuing the discussion of toxic relationships covered in last week's article, I thank everyone who commented on the article.

Today's article reviews some proposals to address toxic relationships, which can be a difficult and painful experience for both parties, so we must pay attention to our mental health, and not leave anyone whatsoever to control the course of the relationship and direct it as he wants, especially if this reflects negatively on our lives, no one will be able to impose himself on us unless we give him this opportunity of our will, and we are the ones who determine the space of the other party's existence, and in order to get rid of toxic relationships, the necessary steps must be taken, and not just complain.

Here are some steps you can take to address toxic relationships, first: Recognize toxicity: The first step is to recognize that it is a toxic relationship, as toxic relationships can take many forms, but they often include behaviors such as manipulation, emotional abuse, exploitation, emotional blackmail, and disrespect. Once toxicity is identified, it's important to set limits to protect ourselves, and this may include reducing contact with the toxic person, refusing to engage in toxic behavior, and clarifying what we will and will not tolerate.

Third: Find support: Dealing with a toxic relationship can be emotionally stressful, so it is important to seek support from friends and family or a professional therapist if possible, who can help you process your feelings, help you check the toxicity of the relationship, and provide guidance on how to deal with the situation.

Taking care of ourselves is essential when dealing with a toxic relationship, this can include participating in activities that bring us happiness, practicing relaxation and meditation techniques, or prioritizing sleep and exercise. Consider ending the relationship: In some cases, the best way to deal with a toxic relationship is to end it completely, and this decision may be difficult, but ultimately it may be the best thing for our mental and psychological health, and we must remember that we have the right to set boundaries and prioritize our well-being and psychological state in any relationship, and we should not be afraid to take steps to protect ourselves from toxic people.

On the other hand, how do people who are described as toxic deal with the matter, the main problem is that the toxic person does not realize it, but on the contrary he may think that the other party is the cause, the «Master Class» site summarizes some ways, the most important of which is openness, and accept criticism or advice when the other party draws our attention to this matter, then apologize when necessary, and not to be arrogant, it is not a shame for a person to apologize, and then that the person evaluates himself periodically, and thoughts and thoughts can be written down or consulted Who we trust in their opinion and wisdom, and it is important to always be aware and review our actions if we feel change or distress from the other party, as well as dealing with past traumas, it may happen that the cause of toxicity in a person is his going through a bad experience, so this experience reflects on those around him, so the person must deal with past traumas, and reconcile with himself so as not to be a source of inconvenience and pain for others and for himself.

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