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A girl is halfway across the crosswalk when she suddenly loses sight of the rabbit she was holding.

But then the signal changes.

While the child is helpless, buses and other vehicles begin to come and go on the road.

In a situation where the rabbit could be hit by a car, the informant, Mr. A, got out of the vehicle to help the child.

However, the rabbit continued to drive dangerously on the road, eluding attempts to save him.

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After a long struggle, passers-by joined forces to save the rabbit.

A citizen took off his coat and drove the rabbit to one side like a trapping net, and eventually succeeded in rescuing it.

The child, who had received the rabbit safely in his arms, said goodbye and left.

We were told to make sure to use a carrier or leash when taking pets outside.

Viewers reacted by saying, "I was worried that I would get a rabbit and buy it instead," "It was a big ball for the elderly to try it by someone who has also tried rabbit driving," and "It was a video that felt very human."

(Screen source: YouTube Hanmun Chul TV)