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A police officer who was returning home on a day off arrested a man in his 50s for forcible molestation at a subway station.

According to the Gwanak Police Station today (15th), at around 10:9 p.m. on the 28th, Constable Kim Min-ho (29) of the Guam District Police Force, who was using the subway to go home on a day off, arrested Mr. A (59) as an active criminal.

Mr A is accused of being drunk and making a disturbance on the platform when he touched the body of a woman in her 30s who was sitting nearby.

Constable Kim, who was keeping a close eye on Mr. A's behavior on the platform at the time, immediately stopped Mr. A who was committing the crime and asked the surrounding citizens to call 112.

When Constable Kim questioned Mr. A about the crime and asked him for his personal information, Mr. A said, "What did I do?" and tried to flee from his seat.

Accordingly, Constable Kim informed Mr. A of the Miranda Principles, which stated the reason for his arrest, and arrested him as an active offender.

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▲Constable Kim Min-ho

Later, when the precinct officers who received the report arrived, Constable Kim revealed his identity and the circumstances that led to his arrest as an active offender and handed over Mr. A.

It is reported that the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's Subway Police Unit is investigating Mr. A on suspicion of forcible molestation.

Constable Kim Min-ho said, "Regardless of the working hours, the citizens around him were in trouble, so he reacted physically," adding, "Fortunately, we were able to stop the crime immediately and arrest him because we were constantly watching (Mr. A) near the scene."

(Photo = Gwanak Police Station, Yonhap News)