Local show by Emirati comedians

«Dubai Comedy». Arabic laughter and elitist humor

  • The festival will host next Friday at Mall of the Emirates Theatre Ola Rushdi. From the source

  • Mohammed Salem. From the source

  • Walid Khairy. From the source


The Dubai Comedy Festival has revealed that it will host some of the brightest Arab comedy stars in its events, which include impromptu shows and various segments full of laughter and humor. The 2023 edition is expected to witness a huge success and turnout, as the festival presents some of the best Arab comedy performances from the UAE and the region.

Next Friday, the Dubai Comedy Festival will host multi-talented comedian Ola Rushdi at Mall of the Emirates Theatre, along with two of the most famous comedians, Reem Nabil and Ahmed Al Haridi, who will perform on the themes of motherhood, women and daily life in the Arab world and beyond, in a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

On 21 May, Mall of the Emirates Theatre will welcome comedian John Ashkar, renowned for his intelligence and interactive style that has earned him a global audience.

The Dubai Comedy Festival will also feature an Emirati stand-up show featuring talented comedians including Abdullah Al Nasri, Ahmed Saif, Ali Saleh, Mohammed Al Kindi, Mohammed Fairuz and Salama Al Qubaisi, who offer a glimpse into the local reality in a comedic format.

The Bil Arabi comedy group, which includes some of the most prominent Arab comedians, will appear on the Mall of the Emirates stage on January 20 and its stars Abdullah, Ali, Islam, Karim, Mina, Eddy and Badr will perform in Arabic on the daily problems facing all Arab families.

As part of the festival, the Egyptian stand-up show will be presented at the Mall of the Emirates Theatre, bringing together distinguished Arab talents including Mohamed Salem, Paula Samuel and Mohamed Kanafa, along with Walid Khairy, Noha Kato, Salah Al-Dali and Omar Al-Hassan, known as KFC, who enrich the Arab comedy scene through their remarkable performances.

• The 2023 edition of the festival hosts a group of comedy stars such as Ola Rushdie, John Ashkar, Kunafa and Kentucky.