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A 13-year-old teacher who sent 40 disparaging messages to an elementary school student who didn't get along with her child has been fined.

Yesterday (14th), Chuncheonji Law's Wonju Ji-won Criminal Division 3 (Presiding Judge Jung Ji-won) announced that it sentenced Mr. A (47), who was accused of child abuse, to a fine of 200 million won.

Mr. A, a high school teacher, is accused of emotionally abusing Mr. B(12), who was educated at the Center for the Gifted and Talented with his own child, by sending accusatory messages on 9 occasions between 8 p.m. and 5:7 p.m. on September 48 last year.

According to the indictment, Mr. A reported to the School Violence Committee in November 13 because of the remarks made by Party B, with whom he had a falling out while attending a gifted education center with his child, and the mother of Party B reported it to the School Violence Committee because Mr. A was "spreading false information."

During this process, Mr. A was angry when he heard that Party B's mother had said to his child, "You're unlucky," and sent 2021 messages of accusation to Party B in a row.

Mr. A's message to Party B read, "Tell your mother. Don't be a human being. What a sin to have such a mother."

The court examined the case and noted that "the crime in this case is not guilty in light of the content of the text messages sent to the victim child" and that "the defendant has not been forgiven by the victim child and his or her guardian to date."

However, the reason for sentencing was that "it appears that the crime was committed by accident while having a conflict with the victim child and his or her guardian over various issues," and that "the defendant admitted to committing the crime and took into account the fact that he had no previous history of being punished for criminal acts."