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▲Message from Mr. A to Mr. B, a parent, after the discipline

Controversy has erupted after the story of a parent who verbally abused a piano school instructor for disciplining an 8-year-old child by asking him to kneel.

On Dec. 14, an online community posted a post titled "I prayed on my knees to my parents," along with a four-minute recording.

Author A, who identified herself as a teacher at a small local piano school, said, "My parents, angry at my treatment of students, knelt down and yelled at me for more than three hours," adding, "My mother said she would even sue me even though I did everything she wanted."

According to the article, on Dec. 4, Mr. A yelled at an 3-year-old student who threw a book at him for refusing to practice the piano and told him to "get into the practice room."

Mr. A, who followed the child into the practice room crying, soothed and disciplined him, but the child began to scribble on the piano keys.

When Mr. A raised his voice again, "What are you doing?", the child began to cry, and Mr. A soothed the child, sent him home, and left a text message for his parent, Mr. B.

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▲Part of the message after the end of the course

A few days later, Parent B came to the school to bring the textbooks with him, notifying him that his child was going to be out of class.

Mr. B said, "Who sends messages to parents like this? I said I was quitting, but I didn't call him and explain the situation, and he didn't treat me like a friend," he said, taking issue with Mr. A's response to parents.

Mr. B then asked, "Why didn't you convey the situation that you screamed on the day you married your child? You don't talk about what you yelled at, you talk about it as if it's wrong for the child," she said, adding, "The child is traumatized. (With Mr. A) 'Witch Teacher'" and "Why do you say anything in the presence of other kids when your pride is hurt?"

Mr. B then said, "Apologize to me properly. Get down on your knees and come to me."

According to Mr. A, Mr. B pounced on Mr. A, who was recording the situation, knocked Mr. A down, snatched his mobile phone, etc., and added that the instructor of the cram school next to him came and stopped him.

Mr. B said to Mr. A again, "Get down on your knees and apologize immediately. Get down on your knees and apologize to my daughter," he said, bringing a child who was taking classes at another school.

In the audio recording at the time, Parent B can be heard saying, "You're Eul. I'm the one who got it. I'm a parent. What did you say to her? You have to shut up and be still. You're the kind of person who's going to do whatever your mom and dad say."

In the post, Mr. A said, "I've been listening to this for over 3 hours, it's so hard, and I felt like the only way to do it was to get down on my knees and rain, so I got down on my knees."

Mr. B then filmed a video of Mr. A and said, "Act straight. If you're going to learn from your parents, learn it properly."

Mr. A said, "When the whole situation was over and I was in agony, my father contacted me, saying, 'That's what social life is, I think I should call (Mr. B) and apologize,' and Mr. B said to my father, 'Ji did something wrong, but where dare you...' He said, 'I'm going to sue, so know that,' and hung up."

Mr. A said, "I am really frustrated and distressed that I have done something worthy of being sued for child abuse," and "I am afraid that the video of that day will be circulated in a single chat room and become a source of trouble, and that something bad will happen to the operation of the school that I was doing my best to maintain."

In addition, Mr. A said, "Please refrain from excessive criticism of the child's behavior," adding, "Apart from the need for discipline, it is a behavior that can be done at that age."

(Photo = Nate Pan)