An employee of a South Korean airline has revealed that there is a problem with the operation of flights going abroad, which is attracting attention.

<Oh! The third search term > clicked on is "flight operations as exposed by flight attendants themselves."

This was recently posted in an online community by a flight attendant of a Korean airline with photos.

The informant said, "If there are 100 passengers, we don't load 110 people in consideration of the reservation status or the number of people on site, but we load 90 people and wait until the end, and when all the passengers are on board, we add an additional portion to the 10 passengers."

It was claimed that this was done to reduce costs.

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In addition, he released a photo of a pile of ramen boxes and bottled water in front of the emergency exit, saying, "It violates the regulations that require the area around the emergency exit to be clear, and the safety and medical equipment storage boxes are all blocked, so it is impossible to inspect them in advance."

In particular, it was pointed out that if you look at the pictures of the in-flight meals that are piled up unorganized or lying on the floor as if they were about to fall to the floor, you can see how poorly maintained they are.

The informant expressed concern by saying that he was more worried about the future, and customers reacted by saying, "This is how the airline was doing things, even though it was a trusted airline," "Unfortunately, when I went abroad a while ago, the service was messed up," and "It's shocking that they abandoned both security and safety."

(Screen source: Online Community)