• The final of Eurovision 2023 was held on Saturday, May 13, 2023 in Liverpool.
  • Eurovision 2023 was won by Sweden, represented by Loreen and the song Tattoo.
  • 20 Minutes summarizes what to remember.

From our Special Envoy in Liverpool (United Kingdom)

Four hours of show, a Swedish triumph, a Finnish madness and a French disappointment... The Eurovision 2023 final was held on Saturday at Liverpool's M&S Arena. Here are the main points to remember.

A doubly historic victory

By winning the contest with 583 points for Tattoo, Loreen gave Sweden a seventh trophy, which now equals the record for the most Eurovision victories that Ireland alone held until then. But the 39-year-old singer has especially entered the history of the competition by becoming the first female artist to win twice: she had already won in 2012, with the song Euphoria. Irishman Johnny Logan had achieved similar feats in 1980 and 1987.

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A Finn darling of the public

He was the only one able to steal the trophy from Loreen. Finland's Käärijä won in the public vote where he scored 376 of his 526 points (against 243 for Loreen). A plebiscite that augured the reaction of the crowd of the M & S Arena in Liverpool who, when announcing the results, chanted "Cha Cha Cha", the title of his song, as an exhortation to declare him winner.

The hand game of France

That's what we'd rather forget. When it was announced in La Zarra that she had scored 50 points in the televote, she waved her hand. A middle finger? "Absolutely not," said the France representative an hour after the final, adding that it was a gesture of "disappointment". Enough to extinguish the controversy on social networks? The next few hours will tell. Still, the image will remain. At best only for bloopers. At worst like a cannonball.

Norwegian and Croatian remontadas, Spanish tumble

Every year, we are treated to a spectacular rise of a country poorly ranked by the juries which ends up reaching the top of the ranking thanks to the votes of the public. This year, there were even two. The Norwegian Alessandra was in the cabbages (17th) in the list of pros but on the podium (3rd) of the televote. In the combined standings, this gives a final fifth place. The Croatian group Let 3 was second to last (25th) of the juries, but seventh of the public, which earned it to finish 13th, right in the middle of the ranking. If Estonia took the eighth position of the list, it is thanks to the jurors who ranked it 5th because it was 19th in the viewer votes. For the group Voyager, the dynamic is similar: 6th in the jury, 20th in the audience and 9th in the end. Spain had a big disappointment: 9th in the votes of the international jurors, it is the last in the ranking of the public, with only five points, which condemned it to the 17th place, just behind the France.

Germany still lags behind

With only 18 points, Lord of the Lost finished the bottom of the day, "giving" Germany last place for the second year in a row. Decidedly, the delegation from across the Rhine is struggling to compete. Since 2013, she has only made a top 5 (4th in 2018), finished last four times and penultimate twice. The Teutonic delegation will have to question itself and look for a better song naming process. The German selection was weak. The public entrusted the responsibility of going to Eurovision to a successful metal band (their last album was number 1 in Germany). It wasn't necessarily a bad strategy, but the Finn probably siphoned off a good bunch of points from them.

The two flags of the Italian Marco Mengoni

He has always been very discreet about his private life, has never explicitly mentioned his sexual orientation and, when the subject was broached, preferred to answer that he belonged to the "fluid generation". Also, when Italian singer Marco Mengoni appeared at the opening of the competition with the Italian banner and rainbow flag of the LGBTQ+ community, it sounded like a coming out. This impression was confirmed by one of his tweets stating "Due Vite [the title of his song], two flags". The symbolism, in any case, arises there Italy, currently governed by Giorgia Meloni, Italy remains a country closed to the evolution of the rights of LGBT people: egalitarian marriage is not in force in our neighbors and the Senate has failed a law against discrimination, including homophobic, in 2021.

The top ten countries

The top 10 of this Eurovision 2023 is as follows: 1. Sweden (583 points); 2. Finland (526); 3 Israel (362); 4. Italy (350); 5. Norway (268); 6. Ukraine (243); 7. Belgium (182); 8. Estonia (168); 9. Australia (151), 10. Czechia (129)

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