A 40-year-old accused of assaulting his wife and threatening to throw his one-year-old daughter from the window of the house, was arrested last night by the carabinieri of Stradella, a municipality in the province of Pavia.

The military were alerted by neighbors, alarmed by the screams of the wife who with her daughters aged 12 and 14 had run away from home because her husband, drunk and with a history of injuries and mistreatment in the family, had attacked her.

The 40-year-old, of Romanian origin, had remained in the apartment on the third floor with his young daughter and, as soon as he saw the carabinieri, he looked out the window protruding his torso with the child in his arms and threatening to drop her.

The military positioned themselves under the window trying to calm the man - who in the meantime threw some pots - and at the same time alerting the Broni firefighters to force the lock of the apartment door. Once the military entered the house, the 40-year-old threatened again to throw the child down and the carabinieri at that point used the taser. The man, who fell to the ground, got up and began to kick and punch the military, who managed to handcuff him, then arrested him.

The family members were transported to the emergency room of the Pavia hospital for investigations, while the doors of the Pavia prison opened for the arrested.