Those involved in the May 5 pro-democracy movement who were suspended from prosecution have been judged "not guilty" for the first time in more than 18 years.

The Supreme Prosecutors' Office has disposed of the previous suspension of prosecution as "not guilty" of a total of 40 people involved from May last year to the present, saying that "legitimate acts are recognized" in order to restore the honor of those involved in the May 5 pro-democracy movement.

"Not guilty" is a disposition that is made when the fact of the accused falls under the requirements to constitute a crime, but there is a reason for the violation, such as self-defense or justifiable acts.

Earlier, in May last year, the Supreme Prosecutor's Office instructed the National Prosecutor's Office to actively pursue the process of restoring the honor of those convicted and suspended from prosecution related to the May 18 pro-democracy movement.

After that, the prosecutor's office revisited the case that had been suspended on the premise of admitting the charges, and the disposition of the nine prosecutors' offices nationwide was changed.

Since the suspension of prosecution for those involved in May 5 was changed to "not guilty" for the first time in February last year, a total of 61 people have been disposed of in 5 prosecutors' offices nationwide.

Those who are convicted can request a retrial under the May 5 Special Law, but the prosecutor's office changed the disposition ex officio because there is no procedure for restoring honor.

Jang Sun-woo, who directed the movie "Petals," received Dokdo change of disposal in May last year.

Zhang was arrested and detained in 18 for violating Martial Law Proclamation No. 9, but was released after receiving a deferred prosecution.

Those whose honor is belatedly restored can receive compensation from the state.

The prosecutor's office decided to pay a total of 2.5 billion won to those whose dispositions were changed through the Suspects' Compensation Council.