She swears it "obviously". The finger that the Eurovision audience saw "is absolutely not contempt or insult." Since Saturday night, La Zarra is suspected of having made "a middle finger" - "in no case", she says - during the announcement of the results of the Eurovision televote. The singer defends herself in a story on her Instagram account.

The Quebecer goes on to explain the meaning of this finger: "It is a gesture of disappointment for me that means "whatever" that could be translated as "so be he". No more, no less. No desire to shock or provoke. I apologize if this has been misinterpreted. The Zarra ends her message by congratulating Sweden's Loreen on her victory.

According to Le Figaro, his gesture would be a "toz". This word, derived from Arabic is the onomatopoeia of the sound of fart and means a formal refusal, indifference or exasperation. "Toz" is accompanied by a gesture that is made the middle finger raised but the hand open while the middle finger is made the hand closed. Some use "toz" to mean "go and make you see!"

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