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Did the Zarra give the middle finger when she learned how many points she received from the public in the Eurovision final on the night of Saturday to Sunday? "Absolutely not," replies the artist, who finished in sixteenth place.

"You have to understand that, although I represent France, I also have a culture and it's a bit generational, it's not a negative gesture, it's a gesture of disappointment that we use between friends. I can understand that overseas (sic) [across the Atlantic], it is considered another gesture, "she explained hot in front of the journalists tricolor in the press room.

Uh... The Zarra made a finger or ??? #Eurovision #Eurovision2023

— Stéphane Larue (@larueofficiel) May 13, 2023

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Alexandra Redde-Amiel, sitting next to La Zarra in the green room when she made this gesture, did not see him perform it. "I was looking in the face," said the head of the French delegation. "She said it: it's a gesture that means it's not serious. I don't think La Zarra [wanted to be disrespectful], she's respectful to other artists... It is a cultural gesture. »

"I think we're winners"

On social media, the image was relayed massively, completely overshadowing any comment on the result. "That's why I think it's urgent for the press to put the church back in the center of the village," Redde-Amiel said. So now that this is going to be done, there will be no event. The coming hours will tell if she's right.

Regarding the fact that La Zarra would have left the green room before the end of the announcement of the results. The singer says she left because she sat for long hours. "And my bladder is very small. I had to get up to go relieve myself," she said. However, she would have returned before the conclusion of the show.

Regarding his ranking, at the gates of the Top 15, the artist relativizes. "It doesn't matter. We are winners, we have a great song. There are people who sing the Francophonie, who [in the room] were singing Obviously - and I didn't write easy lyrics (laughs). It's unbelievable. I think we're winners just with that," she said.

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