Stefano Mastropietro, 44, the father of Pamela, the 18-year-old girl raped and brutally killed in Macerata in January 2018, would have died of an illness. They found him lifeless in the house, with no apparent sign of violence on the body.

To discover the man's corpse, in his apartment in Morena, on the outskirts of Rome, were police officers called by the man's family, worried by the fact that the man had not answered phone calls for a few days and was not seen around.

The death could even date back to 4 or 5 five days ago. Answers on the causes of death will come from the autopsy ordered by the prosecutor on duty, but it seems possible, according to a first reconstruction, that Mastropietro may have hit his head after a fall. A hypothesis supported by some blood stains found on the ground.

His ex-wife, Alessandra Verni, published a post on Facebook in which she says: "at least you can now hug her again! I send you a big hug angels. Mommy's love, take your dad into your arms."

In the terrible story of Pamela, the last sentence dates back to 22 February. The judges of the Court of Assizes of Appeal of Perugia, as part of the second degree bis trial, confirmed the life sentence for Innocent Oseghale, a 33-year-old Nigerian pusher, accused of raping, killing and cutting to pieces the eighteen-year-old. This segment of the trial concerned the only accusation of sexual assault that had been transmitted to the Umbrian capital for procedural issues after the Supreme Court had definitively confirmed the conviction for the murder.

Pamela's father was also present in the courtroom that day. "Another point. We are very happy and proud of the ruling. I hope with all my heart that it will be confirmed in the Supreme Court, my mother and I hope so", he had commented after the reading of the sentence, not hiding that he had felt "great joy". Pamela's mother commented on the sentence arguing that other people have yet to be brought to justice: "there are other monsters out to be taken," she said.

The body of the young woman was found inside two trolleys on the side of a road in Pollenza, near Macerata, where Oseghale had left it. The man killed Pamela with two stab wounds to the liver after having had a relationship with her, taking advantage of the state of fragility of the girl who had escaped the day before from a therapeutic community where she was trying to detoxify and who had taken heroin procured through Oseghale.

The murder, according to the prosecution, would have been the way to prevent her from reporting it. The 32-year-old has always maintained that Pamela fell ill at home after injecting heroin and then died and he, panicking, according to his version of events, dismembered the body only to dispose of it.