The birth of an Iraqi child with one eye (photo)


Social media was abuzz with news and pictures of the birth of a one-eyed baby in Iraq.

According to Iraqi media, Dhi Qar province witnessed, on Friday, the strange birth of a child with one eye in a hospital.
"Al-Sumaria News" quoted a source in Dhi Qar health as saying, "For the first time in Dhi Qar, a strange birth of a child with one eye occurs in Al-Rifai Hospital, north of the center of Dhi Qar province." "This condition is very rare and causes death to the newborn," the source added.

Local media reported that the baby died immediately after birth, according to a doctor at al-Rifai General Hospital, where he was born.
Some social media users shared the child's photo widely, in which his only eye appeared to be in the middle of his face.

According to "", one of the doctors at the hospital explained that this rare case is the result of mismatch of the mother's and father's blood, or the presence of a germ in the mother's uterus during pregnancy.

Another doctor attributed the condition to a lack of brain tissue in the child.