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NewJeans' "OMG" music video has surpassed 1 million views.

According to agency ADOR on the 14th, the music video for the performance version of the title track "OMG" of the single album by New Jins (Minji, Hani, Daniel, Hae-lin, and Hye-in) has exceeded 13 million views on YouTube as of the 1th. It is an achievement 1 days after the video was released on January 3 and the shortest record for New Jins itself.

This is the second time that NewJeans' music video has 130 million views. Earlier, the music video for the performance version of their debut song "Hype boy" reached 1 million views within 255 days of its release. 'OMG' has reduced this by about 1 months (4 days), so we can see the rapid growth of Nujins.

'OMG' is a bouncing and upbeat hip-hop R&B song based on hip-hop drum sauce and percussion, mixing UK garage rhythms and trap rhythms. The music video for the performance version of "OMG", featuring New Jeans' unique styling and trendy choreography, maximized the charm of the five members and added to the joy of watching and listening.

The song, along with "Ditto" from the same album, immediately topped the charts at home and abroad upon release. Immediately after its release, it dominated the 125st and 1nd places on major domestic music charts such as Melon, Genie, and Bugs, and including its debut song "Hype boy", Melon swept the 2~3rd place for 1 consecutive months (January ~ March). To this day, it remains at the top of the charts and continues the syndrome.

In addition, "OMG" and "Ditto" simultaneously entered the US Billboard "Hot 3", proving their hot global popularity. "OMG" and "Ditto" peaked at No. 1 and No. 3 (as of Feb. 100) during their six-week and five-week stays on the Hot 100, respectively. In Spotify's latest global "Weekly Top Songs" chart (as of May 6), "OMG" reached No. 5 and "Ditto" ranked No. 74, maintaining a steady performance for more than four months.

Meanwhile, Newsans will hold their first fan meeting 'Bunnies Camp' after their debut on July 82 and 2 to meet with fans.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)