What's the secret to Jennifer Lopez's perfect complexion? Well, by dint of being asked this question, the main interested has not only taken out a beauty line and has just unveiled the tutorial that goes with it.

In a video posted on Instagram last weekend, the star decided to reveal the secret of her "Bronx goddess complexion" which resides in a bottle of her range. A beauty recipe that does not involve any makeup and requires no more than five minutes.

"It's perfect when you need to do something really fast before you go out to have fun with girls," she explains in her video. You don't want to do anything too fancy, you don't try to impress anyone. You're just trying to appear at your best. »

Your bank account is not ready

So to replicate Jenny from the Block's legendary complexion, all you have to do is follow "four simple steps". And coincidentally, each of these steps involves a different product from the JLoBeauty facial care range...

It all starts with a shot of That JLo Glow Brightening & Firming Serum at $79, followed by a layer of That Blockbuster Cream at $59. For the eye contour, we will use the indispensable That Fresh Take Eye Cream sold for the modest sum of 49 dollars. And for the final touch, you will have no choice but to opt for its That Star Filter complexion booster at 39 dollars, this one existing in Rich Bronze and Pink Champagne version according to your complexion.

And that's it, you're at the top for your Netflix & Chill evening with friends, and all this for only 226 dollars! The price of the Bronx deity.

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