Men for a tribute to the maid. A parade in honor of Joan of Arc at the initiative of the Action française gathered about 500 people this Sunday in Paris. Placed behind a large banner "Traditional procession of Joan of Arc", a large majority of men, of all ages, some wearing berets, others wearing a blue-white-red armband, went down the Boulevard de l'Opéra before joining in forty minutes the equestrian statue of Joan of Arc, Place des Pyramides (1st arrondissement).

Some took up slogans like "Action? Frenchwoman! Long live the king" or "Joan of Arc in Paris, down with the Republic". Wreaths were laid at the foot of the gilded bronze statue, before various speeches. "Again, as in Jeanne's time, France is in danger," said Henri Bec, president of the National Restoration movement.

"We never broke anything. We defend order"

Shortly before noon, the demonstration dispersed peacefully. Initially banned by the Prefecture of Police who feared disturbances to public order, this demonstration was able to take place following a decision of the Administrative Court rendered Saturday in the early evening, based on the freedom to demonstrate. The administrative court had also authorized the holding of a symposium of the Action française Saturday in Paris.

"We defended the right to demonstrate based on French law and jurisprudence," said Olivier Perceval, secretary general of Action française. "There was never an incident. This is not a protest demonstration, we honor Joan of Arc. The far left says that we are a threat to public order, we have never broken anything. We are a party that defends order," he said.

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