Egyptian child disappeared 8 years ago found

Egyptian security managed to solve the mystery of a case that caused a great stir in Damietta governorate, where the body of the child Mohammed Al-Barbary was found after his disappearance for nearly 8 years.

As for the details of the incident, it began with the absence of the child Muhammad Al-Barbari 8 years ago, after he went out to play and buy sweets in the area surrounding his family home, where he disappeared, and the family and the authorities began searching for him, and the streets of the village of Kafr al-Arab were filled with posters bearing the image of the missing child, without finding him.

Recently, a parent working in a house under construction discovered the presence of clothes for a small child and a skeleton buried in the sand, and the Faraskour police station was informed, where a security force went to the place where the body was found, which turned out to be that of the child disappeared 8 years ago, Muhammad al-Barbari.

The security services, headed by Lt. Col. Ahmed Moussa, head of Faraskour detectives, are intensifying their efforts to find the perpetrator and uncover the circumstances of the incident.