A group of activists from Extinction Rebellion and Fridays for Future were stopped by police as they tried to reach the private jet area at Turin-Caselle airport to demonstrate. Officers identified everyone present.

"Today's action was supposed to be non-violent that aimed to highlight the responsibility of those who can afford to fly private planes and have an emission-intensive lifestyle," the protesters said in a statement.

The group included activists from Extinction Rebellion, Fridays for Future and Scientist Rebellion, who held banners reading 'No more private jets' and 'We're not all in the same boat'.

"According to all reports on transport-related emissions, private jets are the most polluting and unfair means of transport because they cause on average greenhouse gas emissions 10 times higher than those of a flight per passenger per kilometer, 50 times higher than a train journey in Europe".

"Amsterdam Airport has announced that it will ban private jets from 2025, precisely as a result of several civil disobedience actions like this," said Marta of Fridays for Future. "It is time - he added - that even in Italy the disproportionate use of such polluting means is limited".

As for the police intervention, the activists speak of "a disproportionate deployment of forces against people and movements that through always peaceful actions act to bring the seriousness of the eco-climate emergency to the center of public debate and political action of the Government".