Chris Pratt does not hesitate to set himself up as a martyr in the face of haters who vilify him for his conservatism and his Christian faith evangelical tendency. Asked about this by Page Six on the occasion of a screening of Guardians of the Galaxy 3, the actor even compared... to Jesus!

"This is nothing new, you know," he said, before quoting the Gospels from memory: "If the world hates you, know that it hated me before you... It is John 15:18-20. "That's the way it is, there's nothing new. 2000,<> years ago, they hated him too," Pratt continued, referring to Christ.

Jesus and the rhinoceros

However, if he is the type to turn the other cheek when attacked on his faith, it is different when it comes to his films. Faced with the bad tongues that promise him pitiful flops, Chris Pratt compares himself more willingly... to a rhinoceros!

"Like a rhino, you have thick skin and you go straight ahead, head down, and if someone gets in your way, you push your horn directly into his back!" he added, perhaps not measuring the slightly tendentious double meaning of his metaphor.

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