From our Special Envoy in Liverpool (United Kingdom)

Arrival sixteenth of Eurovision 2023, on the night of Saturday to Sunday, La Zarra collected a total of 104 points for the France with Obviously. The details of the votes of the 37 countries in the running have been revealed, 20 Minutes takes stock of the French case.

On the jury side, the Swedes were the most generous since they awarded him 10 points. Next come the Armenian and Finnish jurors with 7 points each, then their Lithuanian and Danish counterparts with 6 points. The Irish and Spanish professionals awarded him their 5 points, and the Serbian jury his 4 points. The singer was also entitled to 3 points from the Netherlands and 1 point from Belgium.

A point from the "rest of the world"

As for the votes of the public, La Zarra collected 10 points from Armenian viewers, 8 from Norwegians and 4 from Icelanders. It obtained the 3 points of Albania, Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Slovenia, as well as the 2 points of Australia, Portugal, Sweden and Belgium. New for this edition, the votes of the "rest of the world", that is to say from the countries not participating in the contest, allowed him to receive 1 point. Israeli, Lithuanian, Maltese and Serbian audiences also granted him 1 pawn...

To be complete, here are the points awarded by the French jury

12. Israel

10. Austria

08. Finland

07. Armenia

06. Sweden

05. Portugal

04. Czechia

03. Switzerland

02. Italy

01. Ukraine

And the points awarded by the French public:

12. Armenia

10. Israel

08. Moldova

07. Italy

06. Finland

05. Portugal

04. Ukraine

03. Sweden

02. Belgium

01. Norway

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