Reactions have multiplied since the attack. Thursday evening, in Guilers (Morbihan), a municipal agent was attacked by a young person who was participating in an urban rodeo, on the site of the fort of Penfeld. According to Le Télégramme, this man had simply come to ask the small group to stop the nuisance caused by these two-wheeler races, but things escalated since he was hit on the head by one of the participants, requiring eight stitches.

"After death threats, these young people loaded him on a scooter and violently hit him on the head with an English cane," said this Sunday the deputy of Finistère Jean-Charles Larsonneur, who announced that he had requested an appointment with the prosecutor of Brest to discuss the judicial treatment of urban rodeos.

The injured officer and the mayor of Guilers filed a complaint. A gendarmerie investigation has been opened.

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