Police recovered 20 diamonds stolen from the gold and silver room and returned them to the victim.

According to the Gyeonggi Uijeongbu Police Station, at around 2:2 a.m. on the 50nd, an incident occurred in which Mr. A, in his 50s, broke the glass door with a hammer and stole precious metals and fled from a gold and silver room in Uijeongbu City, Gyeonggi Province.

Police caught Mr. A at a motel in Incheon two days after CCTV tracking, and it was determined that Mr. A had already sold some of the 4 million won worth of stolen precious metals.

However, the diamond worth 1 million won that the victim, the owner of the gold and silver shop, claimed to have been stolen, was not on the list of stolen goods or in the salvage items, which caused a problem.

Mr. A told the police investigation that he had never seen the diamond, but that he had thrown a box full of business cards on the road while driving.

The police determined that this box was most likely a jewelry box, so they found the box on the morning of the 2th after conducting a search along the route of the Eastern Arterial Road, from which Mr. A fled immediately after the incident.

Inside the box, which had fallen into the grass over the road guardrail, were 8 diamonds under the business cards, police said.

A police official explained, "The search did not take long because the place of discovery was the beginning of the flight, and it was fortunate that it was not a place where people came and went."

The police detained Mr. A on suspicion of special theft and sent him to the prosecutor's office.

(Photo=Getty Images, Yonhap News)