The announcement ceremony of Cho Eun-gyeol, a second-grader at elementary school who died after being hit by a bus turning right in a
school zone, was held today (2th). The friends and neighbors who saw him off on his final journey shouted with one voice: this must never happen again.

Reporter Park Jae-yeon went to the ceremony.

Jo Eun-gyeon smiling brightly in
Yeong-jeong's photo, on the day of the unbelievable farewell, his family calls out his name.

[Wake up.]

Four days ago, Cho Eun-gyeon, who was hit by a bus turning right in a school zone, a children's protection zone, was arrested.

As the bus approached Eun Kyun's elementary school, he was greeted by hundreds of friends and local residents waving white handkerchiefs.

Now it's time to leave school, and tears burst out everywhere at the touch of Eun-jung's spirit.

[Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.]

Parents and neighbours spoke out in unison to make sure that this tragedy never happens again.

[Han Ji-hye/Parent: Since my daughter and I are friends of the same age, there were some things that actually hurt me even more, and I hope this doesn't happen anymore.]

[Kyung Ha Jin / Parent: My child is precious, so I have to look into it like my own child so that other children don't have to do this again, but I couldn't look into it.]

Eun Kyung-kun's father also posted a message on the National Assembly's petition site, saying, "How many children have to be killed and injured?" and appealed for safety measures in school zones.

Cho's father's petition, which called for reinforcement of safety fences and a crackdown on speeding in school zones through CCTV control systems, had more than 14,1 citizens agreeing as of this afternoon.

(Video Interview: Lim Dong-guk, Bae Moon-san, Video Editing: Choi Hye-ran, CG: Seo Dong-min)