There was also Veronica Lario, the ex-wife of Silvio Berlusconi, at the conference promoted by +Europa in Milan on the issues of labor and economic policy. The 66-year-old ex-wife of the Knight took everyone by surprise by participating in the event dedicated to the issues of labor policies, training and artificial intelligence.

When journalists asked her if she had recently seen her ex-husband and if she had the opportunity to visit him at the San Raffaele hospital, where he has been hospitalized since April 5, she replied: "It's a very personal question, I would prefer not to answer. There is a person who is sick, who suffers and who gives it his all".

As we learn, Veronica Lario was actually present at the conference as a friend and client of Paolo Costanzo, coordinator of the party in Milan who is her accountant, but she did not hide her interest in some issues for which the party founded by Emma Bonino is the cornerstone.

Lario, discreet as always, however, did not answer questions she considered too private and did not clarify whether she visited her hospitalized ex-husband in the last month. After all, confidentiality has been the hallmark of her life spent next to Silvio Berlusconi, and there have been few occasions when Veronica Lario has shown up next to him even when she was Prime Minister, preferring to remain on the sidelines.

"In part, yes", I feel close to the positions of +Europa "on the fact that we need to broaden our views and above all young people, thanks to new technologies, are in direct contact and this must be helped, it should not be blocked or mortified - she admitted -. I am a grandmother and for me the family is the most important thing, I have many grandchildren and here there was a very interesting conference on new technologies. I came to have a dialogue with my family, that's all."

On soft drugs: "Young people must understand the gravity of the issue", but "in use everyone does what he wants"

The former actress did not hold back even when journalists asked her opinion on more divisive issues such as the legalization of soft drugs, a battle carried out by +Europe. "I believe that drugs are a serious issue and that young people must understand the seriousness of this issue - he clarified -. Then in use everyone does what he wants".

"I am very happy that you carefully follow the things we do, of freedom, of Europe and law - commented Benedetto Della Vedova - if you want to take the card you will be welcome".