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A drop of 32% for this Philips razor at Amazon

Founded in 1891, the Philips brand is one of the must-haves, both in the electronics and household appliances. It is an innovative company, anxious to satisfy its customers. Its electric shavers, in particular, are among the best to find on the market.

Currently, Amazon has a special offer for Philips' One Blade rechargeable razor. Indeed, it sees its price drop by 32%. It is therefore available at €30.57 instead of €44.99.

Discover the offer for the Philips One Blade razor

One Blade rechargeable razor: a high-performance hybrid device, signed Philips

The Philips One Blade model is a real gem to use on a daily basis. It will allow you to trim your beard, maintain a 3-day beard, or shave closely. It can trim, shave and trim all hairs, regardless of their length. Thus, you only need one device for all your needs, because it can be used both on the face and on the rest of the body.

The One Blade shaver has several accessories. Its 3 hooves clip with ease, so you can select the length of your beard by 3 days (1, 3 and 5 mm). Thus, your beard will be trimmed evenly and precisely. Its two-way blade, with a long service life, makes it possible to give sharp shapes to the edges, regardless of their direction. It is very effective, without the risk of cutting your skin. It is a rechargeable model, with a long autonomy of 45 minutes, without loss of efficiency. It can also be used in the shower, thanks to its 100% waterproof handle.

Order the Philips One Blade razor from Amazon

To maintain your beard to perfection or shave neatly every day, opt for the One Blade razor from Philips. Amazon is currently offering it at a low price, for only €30.57. In addition, the Marketplace offers delivery, so do not hesitate to treat yourself.

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