Millésime K., more than 700,000 subscribers on TikTok, will not be able to sing in Nantes this Saturday. This is the decision taken by the prefecture of Loire-Atlantique, which judged that there were "security risks", while the France tour of the rapper has sparked controversy. Millésime K. is particularly known for his songs "tricolore" or "Joan of Arc" defending "the French" and asking those who do not like the France to "clear".

The prefecture highlighted the "indeterminate" number of spectators and "possible disturbances to public order, reinforced by calls to prevent this concert expressed in recent days". The decree concerns 11 municipalities located east of Nantes but a similar scenario has unfolded in recent weeks in other cities.

Thus, in Clermont-Ferrand, the mayor Olivier Bianchi (PS) had called at the end of March for the prohibition of the concert planned in his city, and the prefecture of Puy-de-Dôme had announced that the concert was "canceled". Also in Grenoble, the concert of Millésime K. scheduled for March 10 was canceled following the mobilization of several unions and anti-fascist organizations. A concert was also cancelled in Lyon in March.

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