A teacher in his 40s who went on trial for molesting a middle school girl in his car has been sentenced to life in prison on appeal.

The Criminal Division 1 of the Daejeon High Law sentenced 49-year-old A to one year in prison, the same as the original trial, in an appeal against him for violating the Law on the Sexual Protection of Children and Adolescents.

It also ordered the completion of 1 hours of a sexual assault treatment program and a three-year restriction on employment in institutions related to children, adolescents and persons with disabilities.

A middle school teacher, Miss A, is accused of touching the thigh of Miss B, a first-grader, who was sleeping in the passenger seat of a car she was driving in September 40.

There were other students in the back seat to attend a school event, but Miss B was sitting in the front seat and thought she would not be discovered, so she committed the crime.

The Court of First Instance stated that "the victim's statements are consistent and credible, and the circumstances of the report, such as informing other teachers about the report, are natural," and that "in view of the victim's age, the relationship between the defendant and the victim, and the fact that she has vehemently denied committing the crime to this day, the crime is bad and deserves severe punishment."

Mr. A appealed on the grounds that he "did not commit molestation" and misidentified the facts, but the second trial also rejected the case, saying, "Although I have a responsibility to protect my disciple as a teacher, I denied the allegations and made no effort to obtain forgiveness from the victim."