<Oh! The second search term > clicked is "Gangnam-gu petition police who uploaded illegal images in Dan Talk Bang."

This is a controversial post that was recently posted on an online community.

"You can't, I don't want to be squabbling and bragging about it," said Mr. A, a police officer at Seoul's Gangnam-gu office, saying, "It seems that there really is no such thing as holding fairs at will while glancing at passers-by."

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According to the contents of the social media conversation attached by the author, Mr. A continued to make low-grade remarks with his fellow petition police officers, mentioning women's athletic clothes and body parts, such as posting photos of women secretly taken at the gym to the KakaoTalk room of the petition police, evaluating their appearance, saying, "I want to meet one by one, a level that you will never see in the ward office."

As a result, the Integrated Civil Service Workers' Union of the Gangnam District Office raised the issue with the district office, which removed Mr. A, who had worked for three years, from his position and asked the police to investigate.

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Mr. A claimed that the exposed conversations were exchanged around 2021 and that the chat room does not currently exist.

"I wasn't doing what I was told to do, I was doing what I shouldn't" and "That's why I can't even pass through online posts. I'm shocked that it was true" and "Even the perpetrators should be found and punished."

(Image source: Online Community)