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The tragedy touched

Messina, moments of fear for the landslide in San Fratello: huge boulders touch the houses

Thirty buildings evacuated in the small town of Messina, now in danger. Requested the intervention of rock climbers to explore the front of the landslide and evaluate the measures to be taken for the safety of the rocky ridge


So much fear but fortunately there were no victims, only damage to parked cars. A lady, who was passing by car along the road, managed to get out of the passenger compartment a few moments earlier. Then huge stones have in fact interrupted the viability and touched the houses close to the rocky ridge. Tragedy touched, therefore, in San Fratello, where thirty buildings have already been evacuated. In the meantime, the intervention of the rock climbers has been arranged to explore the front of the landslide and then evaluate the measures for the safety of the rocky ridge.