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not even knowing when Kwon Do-hyung will be extradited, concerns have grown that Kwon will conceal the proceeds of crime. Although the local court has restricted his residence, if Kwon does not leave the building, he can use the network to withdraw his assets. We've already seen that.

This is Joonwoo Bae.


The Montenegrin court did not mention the conditions for Kwon Do-hyung's release on bail, including a ban on communication and correspondence, and restrictions on his visit.

In effect, only residence is restricted.

There is growing concern that Kwon could withdraw or conceal various funds, including the proceeds of crime, if he uses external communication networks.

In fact, $6.240 million in cryptocurrency was found in one account on the 8th and $50,38 in another account on the 3th in Montenegro.

Considering that Kwon was in custody at the time, we cannot rule out the possibility that someone suspected of being a facilitator withdrew cryptocurrency.

[Professor Cho Jae-woo/Hansung University: Kwon Do-hyung It was found that the deposit was made on Binance to the Ethereum account. There is also a situation where Luna was deposited in large quantities from Terra to Binance. Since the name is laundered, we need to take measures to freeze it quickly....] South Korean prosecutors plan to freeze the 25.5 billion won in cash soon, requesting judicial cooperation.

Since March 8, South Korea has been implementing the virtual currency financial real-name system, the 'Travel Rule'.

However, if Kwon used a Chinese Binance exchange, which does not verify his real name, it is not easy to trace the owner.

It is also pointed out that since most of Kwon's funds are in the form of USD coins issued by the US Circle Corporation, it is necessary to promptly request cooperation from Circle, which has the authority to freeze coins.

(Video Interview: Oh Young-chun, Video Editor: Kim Jong-mi, CG: Hong Sung-yong)

▶ Kwon Do-hyung, who was granted bail for <> million won..."Residence is restricted"