On social media there was still talk until yesterday of the mysterious hospitalization of Jamie Foxx, for weeks hospitalized in a clinic in the strictest secrecy of the family for unidentified "medical complications".

Today, the first news on his recovery: according to what was communicated by his daughter, the actor was in fact discharged from the Georgian hospital where the star, engaged in those days on the set of a film for Netflix, had been brought urgently.

Within a month, no details had been released about the actor's ailments, so much so that some had speculated that the condition had worsened.


Jamie Foxx

Hence the choice of his daughter, Corinne Foxx, who wanted to dispel the rumors in a post on Instagram: deploring media speculation, she said that her father "has been out of the hospital for several weeks and is recovering. Yesterday he also played pickleball", a racket sport very popular in the United States.

On April 12, Corinne Foxx wrote that her father had "suffered a medical complication" but that "thankfully, with timely action and quality care, he was already "on the road to recovery."

The actor himself wrote on Instagram last week that he "appreciated all the love" he received. But the sparse message had alarmed fans who had been holding their breath for weeks about his real health conditions.