Luciano Calzini, a 76-year-old Italian, was attacked and stabbed to death not far from Agadir. The incident - according to what was learned from the Consulate of Italy in Agadir - took place on the evening of May 11 in Taghazout, a fishing village on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. In a group, the suspected killers, what to the investigators seems to be an "organized gang", would have gone to the pensioner's apartment on Thursday afternoon, forcing him to follow them away from the house that is located on a hill.

Calzini, born in Novara, was shot in the back, abdomen and leg. Between 5 and 6 this morning he died at the Hassan II hospital in Agadir, where he had been rushed by passers-by who rescued him.

The Royal Gendarmerie investigates the murder, which would have already managed to trace some of the suspects. The investigation is still ongoing. What from the first investigations would seem to be an organized gang would have been discovered also thanks to the use of a drone. The victim's house would have been ransacked. Luciano Calzini had lived in Morocco for at least 20 years. He had chosen as his residence a house on the high ground of Aourir, overlooking the bay of Taghazout, the beach of Moroccan surfers. The pensioner had already been targeted by locals, for a suspected history of pedophilia. An ambush with stones against the windows of his home dates back to 2021 because he was suspected of molesting a minor and which had aroused the indignation of residents of the region. Calzini had been questioned at the time, but the investigation had ended in nothing.