• The final of Eurovision 2023 is held this Saturday, May 13 in Liverpool (United Kingdom). It is broadcast live from 21 p.m. on France 2.
  • Sweden's Loreen is the favorite to win, a second time, Eurovision. But the Finn Käärijä is on a good momentum and others, like the Spaniard Blanca Paloma could create the surprise.
  • Faced with this competition, La Zarra, for the France, can hope for a place in the top 10.

From our correspondent in Liverpool (United Kingdom)

Who will succeed the Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra? The answer on the night of Saturday to Sunday, after the Eurovision final at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool. On paper, one favorite stands out clearly among the twenty-six songs in the running, but the games are not done. 20 Minutes reviews the artists best placed to win the trophy and imagines what the top 10 might look like.

1. Finland (Käärijä)

The Finn with the neon green bolero is the candidate who has the most wind in his sails this week. He made his mark in Tuesday's semi-final with his delirious Cha Cha Cha. The song is of a formidable efficiency and the staging and memorable. It passes in the middle of the show, just after two ballads, those of Italy and Estonia, so it will stand out more. The way seems paved for his victory, unless...

2. Sweden (Loreen)

Unless what many predict comes true because, of course, we must not forget Loreen, the great favorite of fans and bookmakers who, at the time of writing, believe that she has a one in two chance of winning. The singer, who already won the competition in 2012 with Euphoria, will sing Tattoo, a piece that allows her to deploy her vocal power on an epic scenography.

3. Spain (Blanca Paloma)

Attention blow of heart. This is probably the song in the running that has in greater quantities the unstoppable ingredient to win Eurovision: authenticity. Blanca Paloma's "very personal" song is a tribute to her grandmother and, through her, to women and their strength. Flamenco mixes with modern sounds during a musical pagan ritual. It's mesmerizing. But also very divisive, which could cost him a few points.

4. Israel (Noa Kirel)

Last year, the Spanish Chanel finished third with SloMo, a fairly generic and boilerplate up-tempo song that she sublimated by her charisma and a danced bridge leaving speechless. This Saturday, it will be the Israeli candidate who will stand out in this register.

5. Italy (Marco Mengoni)

He is a star in Italy. He is crowned with 71 platinum records for a career that began in 2009. And he is about to embark on a stadium tour in Italy. Suffice to say that Marco Mengoni does not need Eurovision to shine. This guy is charm and quiet strength, but with what it takes of vulnerability to finish conquering us completely. With Due Vite, he should particularly attract the favor of juries...

6. France (La Zarra)

Impossible is not French. The Zarra may prove it this Saturday night but the task to conquer the trophy promises to be difficult. Firstly because the competition is very strong, but also because it will pass relatively early on stage. She will be the sixth to perform and twenty other artists will follow. If she assures vocally and that audiences and juries are not destabilized by the tricolor flag and the passage on "the big France", then a beautiful place awaits her. Of course.

7. Australia (Travel)

Promise, it's well-gaulé synth-metal that will stand out in a second half of the final a little plan-plan. The eighties side is enticing and the performance of the group on stage is a riot of energy. You can't help but shake your head while chanting "ah-oh, ah-oh, ah-oh, oh-oh". There is not too much doubt that the jury will be able to reserve a good stock of points for Voyager. The unknown is on the side of the public who tend to snub Australia.

8. Belgium (Gustaph)

We would not have bet much on the Belgian candidacy this year, but we must recognize that Because of You remains in the lead and proves to be unifying. It feels more like being in a New York club than in a club in Antwerp, but that's also what Eurovision is all about: opening horizons and no longer taking borders into account.

9. Croatia (Let 3)

If we have to bet on a "surprise" guest in the top 10, we put a piece on the Croatian punk band that will probably benefit from its passage to the penultimate position on stage. Big whiskers and kangaroo briefs, the colorful performance, although vocally imprecise, will inevitably find aficionados to vote for it. We can predict a flop on the jury side and a remontada on the public side.

10. Ukraine (TVORCHI)

"Our song is about people staying strong in the face of adversity," the duo told us. Of course, in the context of the war in Ukraine, the subject takes on a more intense dimension, but Heart of Steel does not have the same emotional potential as Stephania with whom Kalush Orchestra won Eurovision last year. Also, if there are votes of support, they will likely be significantly limited compared to the compassionate wave of 2022.

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